Household Chore List

Doing household chores is not easy and if you have a whole day in front of you then you should make a complete list of different chores you have to take care of. Because when everything is messy in front of you you get a little confused about where to start first? And if you have kids in your house then it gets more complicated as you have to take care of the babies with your chores. Making a household chores list will help you to easily do your chores without any difficulty and it will also help you save time for other important things.

Household chore list helps you and your kids to be communicative around other people and be a good team mate if you work in a team. It helps your kids to understand that they have a responsibility and they should take a part in everything that life throws at them starting from working with you in house chores. 

You can make them feel precious and hard working just by patting them if they lend you a helping hand and also a few words of motivation that can give them enough inspiration so they will do it again.

And now we are going to discuss the main things you should consider in your list while making it.

How to Make a Household Chore List?

The main thing about making a household chore list is that you should first consider how many things you have ahead of you to do. Then if you live separately or with your parents or friends you should ask them about their opinion to add the things in the list or you should make it all by yourself but don’t forget to add each and every chore you have to do in a day.

You can make a day’s household chores list or you can make it weekly, monthly or yearly according to how you can divide the house chores and you can easily do them.

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What Should Include in the List?

If you live alone you should make a list for your personal chores that helps you to stay clean and healthy and if you live with someone else then you should make a list for both you and them so that you can execute them together.

Your list can be different from the others as everyone has a different mind so they think differently from you so you should cooperate with each other so everyone stays happy and in a healthy state.

What type of tasks should be included in the daily/weekly/monthly or yearly chores list? What type of tasks can you add in it?

Daily Chores Should Be:

  1. Prepare the meal for everyone
  2. Washing the dishes after meal
  3. Cleaning the Kitchen
  4. Cleaning the counters of kitchen
  5. Cleaning the bathroom 
  6. Removing one’s shoes once you enter the house
  7. Taking the trash out from the house

Weekly Chores Should Be:

This one is a very important household chore list as they are the main center of your chores. They should be:

Cleaning the Kitchen:

  1. Cleaning the stove from inside out
  2. Cleaning the fridge with a cloth
  3. Cleaning the sink with soap and water
  4. Changing the dishwasher if its finished 
  5. Cleaning the floors of kitchen with a mop
  6. Replacing or washing the hand towels
  7. Throw away the food that has become rotten or stale 
  8. Cleaning your microwave and toaster too
  9. Cleaning the windows of kitchen
  10. Cleaning the pantries and cupboards of your kitchen
  11. If you have a plan to visit the grocery store and do groceries then make a list for that too.

Cleaning the Bathrooms:

  1. Cleaning the floors of the bathroom
  2. Cleaning the toilets too
  3. Cleaning the wash basin in bathroom
  4. Cleaning the mirrors in bathroom
  5. Cleaning the bathtub in bathroom (inside-out)
  6. Cleaning the accessories used in bathroom such as changing the toilet paper or cleaning the tooth brush holder
  7. Make a list of accessories you need such as soaps or handwashes for the bathroom.

Cleaning the Living Rooms:

  1. Cleaning the sofas in living room
  2. Properly do the dusting on the furniture
  3. Cleaning the windows from up and down
  4. Mopping the tiles or vacuuming the floors
  5. Rearranging the setting of your living room
  6. Also cleaning your store room or attics once in a month

Cleaning Your Bedroom:

  1. Changing the sheets and arranging them properly on bed
  2. Hanging the clothes in an organizing way
  3. Change the setting of your cupboard once in a month
  4. Dusting on such spots where spiders have webbed their nests

When you make a list like these and work according to that you can easily do your household chore list complete in a less time then you do it in a hurried way and end up making things messy and complicated for yourself and you can also divide this list to your kids who are teenagers so they can help you in executing these household chore list. You can make such a list according to your need and comfort. You can make it monthly or yearly whatever suits you according to your timetable.

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