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General Information

If you go through our website, you will see that information has been gathered about your visits automatically. No personal identity is revealed with it. It just includes demographic information anonymously, not specific to anyone. The information is purely for our general statistics regarding our website’s usage.

Collection of Personal Information and Use

  • We do not sell, rent, share or exchange anyone’s personal information, which is gathered through the feedback forms and written consent.
  • The information collected through the contact forms will not be used, rented or exchanged.
  • Sara Movers and Packers can share the information collected through the estimate forms and quotes to partnering moving companies and moving brokers. The information will be utilized by moving companies only, in order to contact you regarding your moving requests, price quotes and estimates. They may contact you to provide you with commercial information related to packing supplies and moving price estimates.

No personal information will be disclosed to the advertising agencies, for we care about your personal details. All the information that has been collected will be handled with care and will not be disclosed in any way other than the one stated in the privacy policy.

About Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored by a website on the web browser. The cookie may reside in your computer’s memory, or it may be placed in a file on your computer’s hard drive so it can be retrieved by the website later. Only websites that create cookies can retrieve it.

E-Mail Policy

Sara Movers and Packers does not exchange, rent, or disclose any personal email information to a third party. The personal information is only collected after your permission.

Behavioral Ads

Behavioral ads are a served on this site through Google Adsense network. Behavioral ads are collected on the basis of a person’s computer browsing history, including visited websites, searched and read content.

Link to Other Sites

Several links on the site point to other sites. The viewers are advised to review these policies on any other sites other than Sara Movers and Packers. We are not responsible for the practices and policies on these sites.

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If you have any other questions regarding Sara Movers and Packers, feel free to contact us.