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How to Use Plastic Wrap When Moving

Planning on moving which requires packing the items in your house? Make plastic wraps your best friends. The very simple, clingy plastic is one of the most important materials that is needed for your supplies, giving you a hands on when prepping to move out. It not only provides protection to your furniture, items and expensive artwork, but it also prevents it from damage during transportation. It also helps a lot in the condensation of large items such as rugs, mats, carpets and furniture, in order to provide you more space in the moving truck for your belongings. Here is a quick guide on how you should be using plastic wraps.

Uses of Plastic Wraps

Plastic wraps, also called stretch wraps can be tricky to use at times, but do not get intimidated by it. It is one of the best ways you would find to wrap up your belongings, despite its clinginess and ways of driving you nuts. Plastic wraps are resistant to tears and have the ability to hold on to the largest of items, hence being tear resistant. Plastic wraps are commonly used on furniture that have doors and cupboards such as dressing tables, chest of drawers, small cabinets, and sideboards when moving. Other than that, plastic wraps add extra protection to couches, artwork, chairs and anything else that needs cushioning while on the move. It is also very helpful when one needs to keep different parts of furniture together, such as beds and tables that have been disassembled specifically for moving purposes.

Guide on how to use Plastic Wraps

Make sure that the items that you are about to wrap with plastic are properly cleaned and disassembled before doing so. If the furniture or item has drawers, make sure that you empty them before wrapping the plastic cling around them.

Planning on wrapping the item in padding?  It is recommended that you pad the entire item before putting the plastic cling on it. The plastic wrap is only meant to protect the materials and keep them in place while moving.

When you are ready to wrap the item, make someone help you with it so that they can hold the item in place when you are about to wrap it. Wrap your belongings both horizontally and vertically to ensure that it has maximum protection, and each and every item is secured in the best possible way. The benefit of plastic cling wraps is that you do not require any sorts of tape, plastic wrap sticks to keep it intact.

Where are Plastic Wraps available?

Luckily, it is not very difficult to find plastic cling wraps, and you can easily find rolls of wraps at the local grocery or departmental stores. You can also purchase plastic wraps online, and of course you can also avail discount deals if there are any, in order to save some money.

Professional Movers

You can always hire professionals to wrap your belongings and prepare them before moving. One of the moving companies that you can rely on is “Sara Movers and Packers” located in Al Raffa Area, Bur Dubai. Their relocation company is authorized and licensed, meaning you are being moved by good hands.

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