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Moving becomes less of a must do chore when you divide the tasks according to the number of days you have. The tasks can be broken down on a weekly basis, as to what you would be doing throughout the moving process, per week. Make moving a manageable process and not a haphazard pain in the neck, by making a check list. Hand the list that you prepare on your refrigerator as a reference and pack your belongings with ease.

2 Months Earlier


Start researching on the new community that you would be moving to. Look for the nearest facilities like hospitals, schools, childcare etc. Knowing about the better opportunities would help you in picking a house in the perfect locality.

Record Collection

Compile all your medical, dental, vet and school records and have them transferred to the new location. Gather all the official document copies to keep with yourself when you are on the move.

Moving Budget

Establish a moving budget, and collect moving company estimates.

6 Weeks Earlier

Inventory Items

Plan out what you would need to move to your new house, eliminating all items that need to be replaced. Start discarding unwanted items before you start with the moving process. Consider a garage sale, or donations.

Know about the things that can and cannot be moved

Make sure you utilize all items such as food, frozen food, cleaning products, and aerosols beforehand. Make travel arrangements for your pets, and manage the transport of any such things in advance, such as plants. Most movers companies provide you with a no shipping list, so you know about the things they would not be moving for you.

Get started with the packing

Order supply boxes and cartons. Begin packing the items that are not used by you. Label the boxes with the contents, designed for whichever room. You can get best packing services from Sara Movers and Packers in Dubai, UAE.

A Month Earlier

Make a Reservation

Reserve the moving company online in advance.

Utility Services

Call all utility services and renew or cancel all subscriptions.

Automobile Services

Check air pressure, fluids, and oils. Make sure everything is functioning in a proper manner before making a trip to your new house.

2 Weeks Earlier

Update your Address

File an address change with your post services, and request them to hold all your further mails at the post office in the new city. Notify your relatives and friends about the new address, in order to stay in touch.

Business Notifications

Notify all these services that you are moving.

  • Insurance Company
  • Bank
  • Health Club
  • Laundry
  • Magazines and Newspaper services
  • Pharmacies
  • Any other billing services

Parking Arrangements

Make sure that you are aware of where all your moving equipment will be going, and where the moving help would be parking.


Food is a necessity and you simply just cannot starve a few days before you move to your new home. Prepare enough perishable meals for the last few days.

House Preparation

Prepare all important notes and files for the next owners, and complete all necessary repairing.

Moving Day

Final Walkthrough

Make sure you are leaving nothing behind by checking every closet and room.

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