Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

You have recently just moved into a new place, or you are on your hunt for a new home, or maybe something a little more significant. There are plenty of tricks that a lot of home decorators employ, which you can easily do as well, when it comes to interior designing. The effort will be minimum and the cost would also not be too hefty. It can be as simple as an additional mirror, coffee table or lamp. You probably just want to add some warmth, brightness, and softness to the design of your house. Take a look at these tips related to interior designing and gain some inspiration.

Paint rooms that are small with lighter, softer colors to make the room feel big

A room that is very small in size tends to look even more cramped with the accessories and furniture. In order to avoid that, color the walls using a light shade, install windows that are large in size, and use mirrors to not only make it a source of reflection for the natural light, but also to give the room a delusional large appearance than it actually is. Moreover, darker walls make the room seem very small. Despite the natural light and tremendous mirrors, the room will feel boxed, just because of the dark shades of paint.

Decorative mirrors add instant light to the room

As mentioned above, mirrors tend to make a room appear bigger than the usual. For a room that is already large in size with a limited amount of natural light available, mirrors placed directly across windows add light instantly. Decorative mirrors can also be used to add the charm of art on empty walls. Whether large or small, mirrors add dimensions along with light to you living area.

Mix it up. Play with different patterns and textures

There is no harm in placing ancient family heirlooms along with your modern couches. Most interior decorators would tell you that the one of the most important aspects while decorating your home is to reflect your personality and your style in it. The antique chair that your grandmother once bought from the street bazaar, tells an interesting story. It depicts you past. The modern recliner that you love also depicts a story, a story related to your present. There is no valid reason to say that the present and the past can’t co-exist. The same statement applies for art as well. Now you would itch to place a painting by Salvador Dali on a similar wall next to Monet’s painting, but there is no apparent reason to not do that. Colorful and patterned fabrics, such as sofa covers and rugs add a specific charm and warmth into you living space.

Soften hard floor using rugs

Throw rugs on the floors to add great texture and warmth to the rooms. It also add color to your space of living. Hardwood floor look ethereal, and are also very easy to handle when it comes to their maintenance. But they deeply lack the comfort that you get from the soft carpeted floors, especially during the cold months of winter. Rugs can literally add functionality and fun to your space of living. Showcase your true character by mixing different patterns and colors. Or you can also add rugs of similar colors with a difference in the pattern and structure to make the room look color coordinated. There are literally tons of never ending possibilities. You can easily revamp the room every season, for instance warmer tones for the winter season and cooler tones for the summer season of the year. There are several rugs that are washable, so in a way you can dry clean them every season and it is ideal for houses where there are children. There is no legit reason to not decorate homes where kids reside.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are used for storage, considered to be one of the most elegant and economic ways. Baskets can be used to display and store décor magazines, books, towels, toys and even blankets. Place a bunch of small sized wicker baskets on your kitchen’s counter for a beautiful display and storage of vegetables and fruits.

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