10 Best Places to Live in UAE

The fast-growing attraction of UAE as a target of choice for emigrants from all over the world is a record. This country has been voted the best places on the planet for expats to live work and settle. Here emigrants come build their careers and settle for a longer haul. There are many great places to live in UAE among which some of them are:

Dubai Marina

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Dubai Marina lies in the middle of the heart of Dubai. This Marina walk has many shops and restaurants which are surrounded by the man-made harbor.  Young singles and couple enjoy a lot and this place is their popular choice. The waterfront apartment tower is characterized by the high rise living.

Arabian Ranches

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The Arabian Ranches is a suburb which is located outside the busy city. There are well-maintained villas and fresh greenery of plants and trees. The peaceful neighborhood is a big area which is clean and the best choice for Western expats. This place has covered all the necessary places like big schools, well-equipped hospitals, shopping centers, clinic, and restaurants. The accommodation is quite expensive as this place mostly holds villas which are of 2bedrooms and 4bedroom. Moreover, a car is a necessity as this place is located outside the city.

Jumeirah Lakes Tower

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This is also meant as one of the beautiful places in UAE. This place holds pretty man-made lakes and many places covered with green areas. This place is more economical for emigrants. There are many restaurants and cafes and many parks for children.

Jumeirah Beach Residence

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This place is a long stretch of high buildings going to the beach of Marina. This place has only apartments with a balcony for fresh air. The price range of 1bedroom house is of AED 1.3million and 3bedroom costs around 2.5million. Apart from this cost the maintenance and management fee must also be paid. This place has a beautiful beach with can be filled on weekends and the traffic might be frustrating.

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This is suburb which is located just beside the Dubai city. It has a huge collection of many residential areas including The Meadows and The Springs. This place has large and spacious villas.

Downtown Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is known as the city center with a large collection of shops, malls, five-star hotels and big well-furnished restaurants. The people living here call this city as their heartland where singles, families can settle and work, as most of the accommodations are found in low and high-rise towers of residential areas.

Al Zahiyah and Al Markaziyah

These are the two cosmopolitan areas that are offering a number of attractions, such as the Corniche and the Abu Dhabi Mall. Abu Dhabi mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the city. People come and enjoy outdoor pursuits on Corniche like cycling, jogging and even walking.

Al Jahili Fort

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This is one of the neighborhoods. The people living there are simple and you can easily find a cheaper house there. Al-Ain doesn’t go through the sort of problems we see in older parts of Dubai. So this place and most of the neighborhoods are quite decent.

Al Nahda

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Al Nahda which comes under Sharjah holds the first position for workers and emigrants. It is well known for providing affordable rental accommodation. This place provides excellent daily life amenities like shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and supermarkets.


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